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Once your asset management system has been designed, then it’s time to implement.

Implementing an asset management system is the toughest part of the initiative.  Change is never easy and requires a strong implementation partner to help see the changes through. We take pride in our abilities to transition individuals, teams, and organizations from their current state to their desired future state. Helping organizations change for the better is one of the things we do best.

Getting Ready

The asset management system implementation process begins with a Gap Analysis. We contrast the designed system against your current operation. Performance gaps are identified, prioritized and then folded into an implementation plan that serves as a roadmap to implementing your system.

A key element of the plan is configuring and testing your EAM software technologies.  Your chosen technologies must work in concert with your organization’s designed asset management system. Our EAM Engineers know how to best configure the software to support the deployment of your asset management system.

Once the technology tools are in place and correctly configured, then it’s time to load data and train. Asset management system training includes both software and practices. We understand that learning new software functionality and new business processes can’t all be absorbed behind a computer screen. That is why we get out into the field and work directly with your personnel to provide hands-on training in a real-time environment.

Going Live

Once the switch is turned on we are there to mentor you through go-live. We work closely with your organization during the go-live period to embed best practices and software utilization into the workday. Go-live isn’t easy. Change is difficult and organizations can fall back into old habits. However, our mentoring and one-on-one approach keeps your organization on the straight and narrow and focused on implementing improvements.

Creating Value

Embedding disciplined business processes, data structures, software, and organizational and performance elements into your asset management operation is what we do best. These essentials are critical to getting your assets to help you accomplish your business objectives.

Our implementation approach optimizes EAM software configuration, speeds up organizational “buy-in”, embeds best practices into your operation sooner, and provides your workforce with the tools and education required to achieve and sustain success. Whether your goal is a successful EAM software system implementation, improving asset reliability, PAS 55 Certification, or alignment with best practices, we’re here to help.

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