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We design asset management systems that deliver structure and direction to client asset management operations.  Our asset management systems provide organizations with a framework and foundation to achieve efficient and effective asset management.

The asset management systems design process is a collaborative event between the client and our consultancy. We bring to the table industry accepted and proven practices and then tailor these practices to fit the distinctive needs and the particular industry of the organization.

Through the design process, we identify and document key elements of your asset management operation such as business processes, data structures, EAM technology requirements, roles and responsibilities and performance measures. It is a process of starting with the end in mind and in many cases results in re-engineering how a client manages their assets.

The design process deliverable is an operational blueprint for how asset management functions, engineering, operations, maintenance, MRO materials management, procurement and accounting will conduct business. This blueprint is used to configure the software and supporting technologies.

To facilitate the design process, we bring to the client engagement our proprietary and industry proven Asset Value Model (AVM). AVM contains an extensive library of industry best practices, canvasing the entire EAM value chain of engineering, operations, maintenance and MRO supply chain. AVM springboards development of the client asset management system and provides a best practice foundation on which to build.

Designing an asset management system (i.e., Business Model) to govern and direct the asset management operation is your first step to achieving long-term asset management success. If you are considering aligning your organization with the forthcoming ISO 55000, this process will start with the design of an asset management system.

Our Asset Management System Design Services place organizations on the right track to optimizing asset management operations. Contact us to discuss how we can help you design a high-performance and value-added asset management system.