Discover Why Leading Companies Rely on our EAM Solution.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to fine-tune asset management operations. A key part of continuous improvement is implementing a successful audit process, the results of which your organization can utilize to chart a course for improvement and highlight both performance gaps and achievement.

Stratum offers a full range of Audit Services. These services contrast your current asset management operation against designed, best practice, and industry standards.

EAM Performance Audit

For organizations wanting to know where they stand against best practices and their industry peers, we offer an EAM Performance Audit which compares the organization’s current practices against leading asset management and technology best practices. Our Asset Value Model™ (AVM) provides an industry-proven and accepted framework against which your organization’s asset management operation can be measured and evaluated. Click here to access our EAM Performance Audit brochure.

PAS 55 Gap Analysis

For organizations seeking alignment with PAS 55 and the forthcoming ISO 55000 international standards, we offer PAS 55 Gap Analysis and Accreditation Services, which utilize the PAS 55 Assessment Methodology (PAM). We are certified by the Institute of Asset Management to provide these services. A PAS55 Gap Analysis is the first step on your journey to alignment and/or certification.

Audit Results

Our Asset Management Audit results are clear and easy to understand. They outline improvement actions and identify the benefits of each of these actions. Detailed implementation plans are then developed, tailored and prioritized to meet your particular immediate and longer-term needs.

Our Asset Management Audit Services are designed to keep your asset management improvement process focused and moving forward. Contact us for more information on how our Audit Services can keep you on the path of continuous improvement.