Stratum provides a broad, multi-layered spectrum of EAM technology, best practice, and data services to help organizations unlock the value of their EAM software system and asset management operation.

Business process, EAM technology, dataorganization, and performance management elements play a critical role in improving asset performance, reducing risk, and increasing productivity. Our services offering is an extension of these elements and our focus when working with you to implement improvements.

Unlike other consulting firms that deliver just process or software consulting, we deliver both for a fully integrated and optimal approach. We understand how to deliver all of the elements that make an asset management operation successful.

Our goal is not just to implement change but to embed change into the operation. We also realize that time and money are scarce resources and that your implementation dollar must be best utilized to create the most value in the shortest period of time. Our EAM Services offering helps you accomplish both of these competing elements.

Whether you need assistance developing a rich asset hierarchy, improving EAM maintenance planning and scheduling, increasing asset reliability, or passing data from your EAM system to your ERP system, we are here to help. We have been helping organizations implement high performing EAM software systems for more than 15 years.   Contact us to learn more about our EAM Services offering.