Helping Organizations Measure Asset Management Performance

Performance Management

Organizations serious about improving asset management implement a performance management program to measure how well they are doing, to identify opportunities for improvement, and to keep them on the right track to achieving their strategic goals.

Our EAM Performance Management Program:

  • Establishes asset management objectives to support delivery of the strategic plan
  • Identifies measures to track progress towards accomplishing asset management objectives
  • Defines EAM system reporting and data visualization outputs
  • Configures EAM technologies to generate performance management information
  • Analyzes results, baselines performance, and sets targets and goals for improvement
  • Audits processes periodically to ensure continuous improvement and standards compliance

Our EAM Performance Management Program is comprised of two key elements: performance measures and performance audits.

Performance Measures

Performance measures assess progress towards achieving strategic goals and:

  • Confirm if you are accomplishing your asset management objectives
  • Focus management and personnel attention on what matters most to success
  • Provide a basis for reward and identify improvement opportunities
  • Offer a common language to utilize across the facility and enterprise
  • Are documented and explicitly defined in terms of owner, unit of measure, collection frequency, calculation, targets, and thresholds

We help clients identify and implement the performance measures that are right for their organization. To aid in this process, we have developed a comprehensive and detailed Asset Management Performance Measures Library. Click to download a sample set of work measures from our library.

Performance Audits

We help clients audit their asset management operation. Auditing performance is key to continuous improvement. Our EAM Performance Audit is a qualitative and quantitative tool to assess progress towards achieving goals.

Conducting EAM Performance Audits allows you to assess in detail all of the asset management elements that drive results. Our EAM Performance Audit provides the supporting data to drive your asset performance management program.

We help organizations measure, audit, and continually improve asset management operations. Contact us to learn more about how our EAM Performance Management Program can help your organization improve.