Helping Organizations Implement Change


Stratum helps organizations “buy in” to asset management.

Individuals “perform” asset management and thus individuals make the biggest difference to well executed or poor asset management. Software and technologies are helpful, but engagement of the workforce, clarity of leadership, and collaboration between different departments and functions are the key difference-makers of a leading asset management operation.

Our top-down approach begins by securing upper management commitment though development of the organization’s asset management policy, strategy and objectives.

Policy, Strategy, and Objectives

An Asset Management Policy is a means for upper management to communicate the organization’s asset management purpose, approach, and expectations.

• An Asset Management Strategy is a high-level, long-term action plan for accomplishing asset management objectives. The strategy demonstrates how the asset management policy is implemented and how it supports the organizational strategic plan.

• Asset Management Objectives are specific and measurable outcomes required of the asset management operation as a whole. Objectives guide the process of defining and implementing the right performance measures.

These three elements link the asset management operation to the organizational strategic plan and to day-to-day activities of the operation. They provide the organization’s “line of sight”, connecting the “execs” to the “techs” and ultimately justify every asset management activity your organization executes. We ensure that the front of the organization is supporting the back half and leading the initiative.

Once these elements are established, the next step is achieving “buy-in” from the team in the trenches. This step is powered by clearly defining and communicating asset management roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

Defining roles and responsibilities provides your workforce with an understanding of their specific duties and obligations. It helps them understand where they fit within your organization and their part in optimizing asset management operations. Click here to download an example of a Maintenance Planner’s responsibilities.

Stratum helps organizations solve the people puzzle. Effective and efficient asset management requires it. Contact us to learn more.