Content Is King In EAM


We help organizations develop and implement distinct, standardized, and comprehensive EAM data structures.

EAM data structures drive system reporting, reliability efforts, performance management information, and ease of system use. However, EAM data structures are often glossed over during the implementation process. Not enough time and attention is paid to fully defining these EAM system building blocks. As a result, users get frustrated, system buy-in is slow, and quality of information and reporting suffers.

We understand the importance of laying the right data foundation. Our EAM data library contains the industry’s most comprehensive and detailed set of work, materials management, and purchasing codes. Our focus on industry standards (i.e., ISO 14224, SMD, etc.), coupled with 15 years of experience provides the right foundation to drive your asset management business processes.

Master table information (i.e., equipment, materials master, etc.) and codes (i.e., work order types, priorities, failure, material return reason, etc.) are the data structures that form the backbone of your EAM software system.

Rich and insightful EAM information starts with well-defined EAM data structures. Contact us to discuss how our EAM Data Services can help you harness the full power of your EAM software system and asset management operation.