Process Makes Perfect

Business Process

We assist clients in designing, implementing and embedding efficient and effective business processes into their asset management operation. Optimizing a client’s business processes is a key part of our EAM solution.

Asset management business processes are a set of logically related activities, like maintenance planning or scheduling, performed to achieve a defined business outcome, such as increased productivity (i.e., increased maintenance wrench time) and improved data quality.

Our EAM Business Process Services:

  • Drive creation of complete and accurate data
  • Directly impact success of the EAM software implementation
  • Provide the discipline necessary to achieve and sustain asset management excellence

Our EAM Business Process Services consists of four phases:

  • During the discovery phase, we review your “as is” processes to understand how you currently execute maintenance, materials management and procurement activities. The discovery phase helps to facilitate the design of your “to be” processes.
  • Designing your “to be” state begins with your input and our Asset Value Model™ (AVM). We combine industry-proven practices with processes that are specific to your organization. AVM contains a comprehensive library of industry-accepted business processes which we tailor to the particular needs of your organization. AVM jump-starts business process development and provides an industry proven foundation on which to build.
  • Once your business processes have been designed, we help embed these business processes into your operation. Implementation includes classroom and in-the-field role based training with hands-on, start-up assistance.
  • The final phase is a comprehensive audit. Auditing your newly designed processes both confirms compliance and unveils opportunities for continued improvement.

Our EAM Business Process Services provide the right foundation for improving asset reliability, increasing productivity and reducing risk. Contact us for more information on how our EAM Business Process Services can help you bring structure and direction to your asset management operation.