Asset Value Model; A Best Practice Framework

Asset Value Model

The Stratum Asset Value Model™ (AVM) is our leading asset management methodology of documented industry proven and accepted practices. AVM plays an important part in our EAM Performance Audits and in client asset management system design.

Our Asset Value Model™ contains an extensive library of industry standard business processes, procedures, business rules, data structures, roles and responsibilities, key performance measures, reporting requirements, etc. for engineering, operations, maintenance, and MRO supply chain functions. AVM incorporates guidelines from BSI PAS 55:2008 and the forthcoming ISO 55000, the world’s leading asset management standards.

AVM is flexible and easily tailored to fit the particular circumstances and practices of the organization. AVM provides clients with a starting point and a Best Practice foundation to build their Asset Management System and drive their asset management excellence initiative.

AVM also provides the basis for our EAM Performance Audits. AVM contains over 300 best practices for work, materials management and procurement functions. AVM identifies the industry accepted “to be” or model state for the asset management operation.

AVM is based on five key elements of asset management:

  • Business Process
  • Data
  • EAM Technology
  • Organization
  • Performance Management

AVM’s comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned. Touching all of the bases is the key to achieving and sustaining success. The Stratum Asset Value Model™ provides a jumpstart to implementing your successful EAM software solution and achieving efficient and effective asset management operations.

Whether your goal is implementing a successful EAM software solution, achieving PAS 55 and ISO 55000 certification, or embedding best practices into your organization, or all three, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about how the Stratum Asset Value Model™ can help you accelerate improvement.